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AC Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your AC running without a single hitch. And when it comes to AC maintenance Denton TX services, no one can handle it better than our team. By calling us, you have all matters regarding your AC solved and handled. All jobs are done with the required care and accuracy. So, no more fears that your AC can fail midsummer, no more worries about odd noises or refrigerant leaks! With regular air conditioning maintenance, your cooling system will work like a charm to make your Denton home in Texas cool even on the hottest day of summer.

AC Maintenance Denton TX

Call us if you need AC maintenance in Denton TX

At Denton AC Repair and Installation Central, we know how important it is to keep air conditioners in top shape in our parts. Thus, we recommend getting them maintained on a regular basis. Rest assured, we’ll be happy to be of service. The reasons to opt for us are plenty. First and foremost, it’s our knowledge of all types of air conditioners. From window units to central ACs, we are well-versed in all systems available. So, if you want AC maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

The air conditioner maintenance you can trust

When it’s time for air conditioner maintenance, don’t think much about it! Dial our number and tell us when and where it should be done. Let us assure you that we’ll send a truly skilled tech to perform it. The AC repair Denton TX pros work in accordance with a detailed maintenance checklist. Generally, it includes the following:

  •          Thermostat inspection
  •          Tightening of all electrical connections
  •          Shaft bearings and motor lubrication
  •          Condensate drain line cleaning
  •          Refrigerant recharging (if necessary)
  •          Fan motors and compressors check-up
  •          And a lot more

Book AC duct cleaning for your peace of mind

For sure, you can count on us for AC duct cleaning as well. During a maintenance check-up, the pros can also inspect the duct system. If yours is clogged with dirt, dust, debris and other harmful contaminants, you’ll be offered to schedule a thorough air duct cleaning. So, what’s the point in delaying a much needed AC upkeep? Why wait until some urgent problems or health issues arise? If you’d like to get started with your Denton AC maintenance project ASAP or want to learn more about the service, make haste in contacting us!